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CrossFit is a global brand that delivers fitness through CrossFit Affiliates. As an official CrossFit Affiliate, we at Modern Human CrossFit get to provide the most effective workout program ever. All of our coaches are trained through the CrossFit method, which we deliver in it’s truest form. We also get to provide with both free and premium resources to make your fitness journey impactful and lasting.

Here are additional resources for you to explore and learn more about CrossFit.
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Beast Coast Nutrition offers clean, nutritious, and delicious meals while aiding muscle growth, weight loss, and overall health at a competitive value.

They serve hundreds of thousands of chef-inspired, ready-to-eat healthy meals in Central Florida. If you need meal prep done for you, this is the place to go. We are a drop off site.

The drop-off time is Saturdays during the 9am class.

Use code MODERNHUMAN15 and get 15% OFF. Click HERE to order.

Airrosti has a proven track record of effectively diagnosing and resolving most musculoskeletal conditions. Now, we’re able to bring our effective and efficient care to you as a convenient, affordable, and effective digital solution.

Airrosti Remote Recovery connects you with an experienced provider who will help you understand your condition, prescribe an individualized recovery plan, and give you the tools you need to live pain free. Check out this great telehealth alternative to physical therapy here.

GOWOD is a mobility app that provides personalized mobility drills that are specific to you and your workouts. If you have mobility limitations and are looking for a place to start, this is it.

Improve you mobility and performance with GOWOD. Learn more about GOWOD here.

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Whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned athlete our team will show you how to push the limits of what you thought you were capable of, all while having a kick ass time!