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This Friday we will be participating in the CrossFit Open. The CrossFit Open is a online competition where CrossFit gyms and athletes around the world complete 3 workouts over 3 weeks.

For the fittest on Earth, this is these first stage to qualifying for The CrossFit Games.

For normal everyday folks like us, this is our opportunity to celebrate fitness of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. In this spirit, we are highlighting one of members, Barb Scott.

Barb is her 60s and lives here in Daytona Beach, FL with her husband Rick. She has been doing CrossFit for years and has overcome many obstacles.

She has a medical condition that really effects the use of her legs. When she started CrossFit she couldn’t get on and off the ground, had a lot of weight to lose, and a long journey ahead.

With commitment, determination, and a support system in the gym and at home, Barb has transformed her life.

She is able to live an active lifestyle, where she enjoys bike rides and kayaking. She is also able to keep up with her grandkids.

Barb has become such an inspiration for all of us. She is one of our most committed and friendly members. She introduces herself to every new person, helps them feel comfortable, and gives them extra reassurance that they can do CrossFit.

Thank you Barb for continuing to be inspiring, motivating, and caring.

If Barb has inspired you like she has inspired us, we would love to help you get started!

Just click the link to request a FREE CLASS. One of our coaches will reach out to book your trial and layout a plan of action to create the active lifestyle you deserve.

Click here to request a FREE TRIAL.

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