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Starting February 17th through May 4th we will be hosting a “CrossFit & Christ” faith-based small group in partnership with Jesus Church (Port Orange, FL) every Saturday after the 9 am class.

Photo of a small group to show what the CrossFit + Christ group will be like.

CrossFit Class

We are opening up our Saturday morning 9am class to Daytona-area locals from Jesus Church that have signed up for the “CrossFit & Christ” small group. We will continue to have partner workouts to help foster community and forge uplifting relationships.

No experience is required to join out workouts. We accommodate for all fitness levels, ages, and abilities. We can also modify the workout around any existing injuries.

As always, our coaches will lead the group to ensure we have the most safe, fun, and supportive experience in the gym. It’s going to be great!


After the CrossFit workout, we will transition into small group fellowship. We will be reading the book of Matthew, discussing our faith, and supporting each other. We will have a loose outline that we will follow. The main priority is to connect, share, and ask questions.

All Modern Human CrossFit members are invited to join us for the fellowship right after class. Whether you’re a strong believer or you’re curious and have questions, you are welcome. Just like our workout classes, this is a safe space.

Our faith is something you talk very openly about and have shared with many of the members at the gym. We are excited to have this opportunity to connect deeper with our CrossFit members and to invite members of Jesus Church to Modern Human CrossFit.

How To Sign Up for CrossFit + Christ

If you want sign up for the “CrossFit & Christ” small group, click this link or head to

If you want to know more about what we do at Modern Human CrossFit, click here to request a free consult.

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