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On Saturday July 20th at 8:00 am, we are hosting Rhett’s Marathon Row at Modern Human CrossFit (Daytona Beach, FL). The marathon row is to help support a family in the CrossFit community who’s son, Rhett, has a neuromuscular disorder called Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T). Donations are welcome, but not mandatory to participate.

Rhett’s Story

Rhett is 6 year-old whose family belongs to CrossFit CTRL (Fairmont, WV). When Rhett was 2, his parents started noticing that he was more “wobbly” and “slobbery” than the other kids his age. After consulting their doctor, they noticed some of his exams mimicked Cerebral Palsy. This lead his family down the road to seeing speech therapists, physical therapists, neurologists, and geneticists to discover their son’s condition.

After two years of scrambling for answers, they finally took a DNA test and found defective ATM genes. That meant Rhett has Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T), which is a neuromuscular disorder that has no cure, no treatment, and is progressive.

“After receiving this heartbreaking diagnosis, I cannot begin to tell you how thankful we are for the A-T Children’s Project (A-TCP). Community is everything and this foundation has set us up with others in the United States and around the world that share our same story. The A-TCP is working vigorously with researchers around the globe to find a cure for ataxia – telangiectasia (A-T). So we are now on mission, and we are racing the clock. Thank YOU for helping us RACE to a cure! Your support is the hope we need and that these kids deserve!”

How You Can Help

On Saturday July 20th, we are a host gym for Rhett’s Marathon Row fundraising event, where teams of 4 will collectively row 42,195 meters. You don’t need to have a team or CrossFit experience to join us. All you have to do is register for free, show up, and we will hook you up with a team.

If you would like to participate, click here to register.

If you would like to donate to Rhett’s cause, click here to donate. Donations are welcome, but not mandatory to participate.

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